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Dr. Sucheta Vanjari


Dr. Sucheta is a person who has faced and overcome many obstacles in order to become who she is today. She uses her experiences to teach and motivate those who look upto her. Dr. Sucheta believes in fulfilling all her passions within the life she has today and so you'll always see her pursuing one goal and passion after another relentlessly. She not only is a Jack of all Trades, she always strives to be a Master at them all. She believes her purpose of life is to change peoples lives and she does it through her motivational speeches and her social work. She runs several organizations such as Dental Roadmap and Soulseed along with her Private Dental Practice under the name Revive Dental, Pune. Seldom will you find yourself not seek solace when you approach her for something distressing.

Dr. Sucheta  Vanjari
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